Mill products

Bags of flour from our mill, with a tradition of over 130 years, are equally well known and sought after in both domestic and foreign markets. Sentella flour, with its various characteristics, meets the demands of a broad range of consumers while also satisfying the needs of the baking, pasta, and pastry industries.

In 2021, a mill with a capacity of 300 tons per day, produced by the renowned Swiss manufacturer BÜHLER, was put into operation. It is fully automated and the most modern mill in Serbia, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that allows for the production of high-quality, uniform flour. By carefully selecting wheat from our own silos, the mill produces wheat semolina, semolina for pasta production, and five types of flour that meet the needs of both the baking and pastry industries. The quality of the finished products is daily monitored in our own laboratory.

The packaging department, whose reconstruction was completed in 2020, is equipped with automated lines for packaging flour and an automatic palletizer.

The capacity of the line for packaging flour in 1 kg and 5 kg bags is 90 tons of packaged flour per day, while the lines for packaging flour in 25 kg bags and for loading flour in bulk have capacities of 100 and 125 tons per day, respectively.

Sentella brasno t400 glatko
Sentella brasno t400 ostro
Sentella brasno t500
Sentella brasno t850

Special purpose white wheat flour T-400 rough for biscuits, cakes and cookies

This flour has a gentle yellowish color and a sharp granulation (larger particles of flour can be felt between the fingers) and is obtained by grinding wheat semolina. Dough made from this flour is elastic, does not crack and is very soft. We recommend it for making sponge cake batter, cakes, various types of linzer dough, tea biscuits, or for any pastries that use baking powder as a leavening agent.

Pakovanja 1 25

Special purpose white wheat flour T-400 soft for fermented pastries and pancakes

The main characteristics of this flour are its extremely white color and fine granulation (feels soft between the fingers) as it is extracted from the central part of the wheat grain. Dough made from this flour has a fine structure. Our recommendation is to use it for making dairy pastries, pancakes, pastries made from fermented dough such as donuts, mekike, calzones, etc., where yeast is used as a leavening agent and where a white color of the dough is required. It can also be used for making homemade pasta.

Pakovanja 1 5 25

Special purpose white wheat flour T-500 for bread and cakes

This white flour, which also contains flour from the peripheral parts of the wheat grain, is slightly darker in color than Namensko brasno T-400 glatko. Due to its higher content of minerals, fats, and proteins, it is more nutritionally valuable. The dough made from this flour has a coarser structure and is most suitable for making white bread. It is also welcome in recipes for preparing small savory and sweet pastries, pizza dough, strudel, i.e. in cake recipes where yeast is used as a rising agent. It is also suitable as a thickener for sauces and gravies.

1kg 5kg 25kg rinfuz

Special purpose wheat flour for semi-white bread

This flour is commonly known as “semi-white flour” among people. It is characterized by a high content of minerals, fats, proteins, vitamins, and cellulose fibers, making it more nutritionally valuable than all types of white flour. It is used for the production of semi-white bread, special bread, and pastries, for which an appropriate quality requires the use of darker types of flour.

25 rinfuz

Special purpose semiwhite wheat flour T-850 for bread, pastries and gingerbread

This is a type of flour known in the community as “semi-white” flour. It is characterized by a high content of minerals, fats, proteins, vitamins, and cellulose fibers, making it more nutritionally valuable than all types of white flour. It is used to produce semi-white bread, pastries, and gingerbread.

pakovanje 1kg

Special purpose white wheat flour T-500 soft for wafers and strudels

This flour is used in the confectionery industry for making wafers. It is characterized by its white color and fine granulation (maximum 5% above 150 μm), which allows for greater water absorption due to the larger and specific surface area of the particles.

25 rinfuz

Special purpose wheat flour for tea biscuits

This flour is recommended for making hard biscuits, crackers, long-lasting savory and sweet pastries, and cakes. It has a coarse granulation (minimum 20% above 150 µm), which results in lower water absorption and ensures the desired quality of the finished product.

25 rinfuz

Wheat semolina

Sentella wheat semolina is great for preparing various porridges for children, for cakes, for making cream for cakes, for dumplings, etc. Without it, childhood would not be complete, and Sunday lunches would be boring.

Pakovanja 25

Special purpose wheat semolina for pasta production

The basic raw material for the production of all Sentella pasta, made in our mill, guarantees the quality of our products.

25 rinfuz

Wheat feed flour

This is a byproduct obtained in the production of flour, containing at least 12% protein, 30% starch, while the maximum cellulose content is 8%. It can be used directly for animal feed, as well as for the preparation of various types of concentrates for livestock feed, as it represents an excellent base for complex feed mixes.